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Twilight Series  Program  now available! Urban events to suit all ages and abilities on Friday nights with the next event at Northfield-Dry Creek. Pre entry now open and closes on Tuesday 28th November. Enter on the day also available. Note location of start change from previously advertised - see event details.

OSA Presentation Afternoon - this Sunday Nov 26th - 4:30 PM Glenuga Hub, Glenside - see details here

Updated (12 Nov) summer training program available on the  coaching and training page.  Summer technical training Wed 29th Nov - Semaphore Park (West Lakes) - 6 PM

Final Mid Week Training Day & Lunch on Wed 13th Dec at North Adelaide.






Worlds End and Wirra Wirra

Monday, 7 August 2017

Worlds End and Wirra Wirra – Long OY events on contrasting weekends

Contrasting events from the Worlds End South event on a fine and sunny but breezy day, on steep spur gully map, often stony under foot. In contrast the second Long OY event at Wirra Wirra was on a cold wet day, with some heavy showers and hail, in lower visibility pine forest, with most courses in the flatter part of the map area.

 The Worlds End event weekend on 22nd – 23rd July presented by Onkaparinga Hills Orienteering club comprised a minor event on Saturday afternoon, on Worlds End North.  Camping was on the Burra Creek which separates the North and South Worlds End maps, with about 30 to 40 people took advantage of this arrangement. Gerry Velaitis enthralled a number of the campers during the evening hosting a star viewing seminar, using his impressive telescope, under the very bright Milky Way. 


Craig Colwell provides start instructions at Worlds End North


 Followed on the Sunday by a Long OY event on Worlds End South, with courses set by Vern Hembrow with assistance of John Such and Vince Loye in getting the controls out. On Course 4, a route choice example below is described by Craig Colwell.

Craig changed his mind several times during this leg and ending up getting very confused as to his location.  Fortunately, after crossing the big creek bed alarm bells started ringing and he managed to relocate to the control before getting myself hopelessly lost. Leaving No 1 the initial thought was to aim for the big creek bend, then head direct to No 2, but shortly after heading off Craig changed his mind and decided to use the first three hill tops and follow a more direct route as indicated by the dashed red line.  When he reached the third hill top, he changed his mind again and decided to drop down to the more open flatter area, go over one creek line, hit the big creek and work his way around to the control.  The dashed blue pen line shows what he thought he did (after the event) and the pink line shows what he actually did. Lost about 1.5 minutes on this leg.




The forecast for the Wirra Wirra event on Sunday August 6th suggested a wintery event in contrast to the sunny day at Worlds End.  Early forecasts suggested the worst would be on Saturday night, but by Saturday another cold front was forecast to come through late Sunday morning.  And so it played out.  The Wallaringa team had a fine Saturday afternoon to place the controls, but rain overnight meant the creek through the area was flowing more than shown below.  The few early starters completed their course (or had almost done so) before a series of heavy showers with some hail crossed the event area. Hot soup from the junior food stall was very welcoming after a run in the wet. Fortunately all competitors finished before the conditions worsened to almost continuous rain as WA collected controls and packed up the event area. 

However everyone enjoyed the courses set by Amber Tomas and Tyson Hillyard on the map recently updated by Adrian Uppill with some help by our 2016-17 coaching scholar and mapper, Stefano Raus.


The creek though Wirra Wirra with a lower flow than encountered by
the competitors at the event



The ruin control site in the Wirra Wirra pines

Course 5 at Wirra Wirra





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