OHOC Committee and Volunteers


 The Onkaparinga Hills Orienteering Club committee meets every 4 to 6 weeks. All members are welcome to attend and should ring a committee member to find-out the location and time of the next meeting.

Committee Members:

John Such Tel: 8379 5338
28 Watson Street, Fullarton 5063. 
Minutes Secretary Evelyn Colwell  
Treasurer Sue Bament
OASA Delegates
Robin Uppill & Craig Colwell

Committee Members

David Tilbrook Tel: 8431 3256

Adrian Uppill (Mapping)

Robin Uppill (Technical and Coaching)

Muriel & Stuart Lane

Craig Colwell

Al Sankauskas

Simon Uppill

Bridget Anderson

 Sandra McKean

Robin Uppill      

Adrian Uppill   

David Tilbrook
David Tilbrook

Simon Uppill

OHOC Volunteers Vincent Loye - Equipment;