Orienteering Resources for Teachers & Coaches:

Collated by Ken Thompson 1st July 2017.  Thanks to ideas also contributed by the Australian Sports Commission, Adrian Uppill, Paul Hoopman, Chris Franklin, & Kay Haarsma

Download this document with active links: Orienteering Resources for Teachers.pdf

Get the Starter Pack  Orienteering In SA Schools.pdf for detailed information on how to get started.


  • ·         Two good inspirational videos to show students at the start of your programme:

 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WapUHPfiFYc   (Orienteering More than just running)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WapUHPfiFYc  (Xperience Orienteering)

  • ·         Good instruction for students & teachers on how to approach a park map or permanent course. Also helpful in showing how such courses should be structured: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRUvSWiDgc8  


An Introduction to what orienteering is all about: 'Orienteering in Schools' 2014 ACHPER PowerPoint Presentation

Current List of Permanent Orienteering Courses: DIY Orienteering

Purple Pen: a free program for course planning and printing http://purplepen.golde.org/ 

Notes on use & installation of Purple Pen: http://sa.orienteering.asn.au/gfolder/admin/OASAGuidelinesPolicies/15%20Using%20Purple%20Pen%20For%20Course%20Planning.pdf

Contact Information:

  • All general inquiries regarding school support:
  • Technical support re use of Purple Pen: Ken Thompson. Arrangements for an school workshop can be made

Orienteering Supplies:

  • Punches  -from Peter Shepherd (NSW O shop) julespeter3@optusnet.com.au   Cost is $50 for a box of ten.

home phone is 0295253703 but e-mail is the preferred contact.

  • Permanent Markers Daytona Signs138 Morgan Ave Melrose Park 5039 rachel@daytonasigns.com.au Ph 8277 303  (Mention Orienteering SA & they will know what you mean) 50 X Metal plates 9.5cm x 9.5cm  with orange triangle plus alphabet & number codes (suggest 3 sets of alpha & 2 sets of numbers) approx. cost (2014) $350

  • Corflute or plastic controls with a punch attached are good for schoolyards and portable use as they aren’t as visible as normal flags & punches.   You can add a lock and chain if you feel necessary. Enquiries to School support email:


Free markers

 Free Supplies: 



Ideas & Info for School Orienteering:

Programme Suitable for Primary School Use: (as used in NSW After Hours Care Programme)

AASC Orienteering Activities Week 1 Nov 2010.pdf

AASC Orienteering Activities Week 2 Nov 2010.pdf

AASC Orienteering Activities Week 3 Nov 2010.pdf

AASC Orienteering Activities Week 4 Nov 2010.pdf

AASC Orienteering Activities Week 5 and 6 Nov 2010.pdf

AASC Orienteering Activities Week 7 Nov 2010.pdf

AASC Orienteering Activities Week 8 Nov 2010.pdf


Recommended Books:

  • Orienteering Games: The Ultimate Teaching Resource’ Available from Orienteering Queenland

Electronic version $22, Printed version $48.50  https://oq.asn.au/o-games-book

 There is also an excellent free resource, "Games Orienteers Play", which contains lesson plans for Prep to Yr 12. This is also available from Orienteering Queensland.

  •       Illustrated young readers book by Hazel Edwards

$11.95     Available from: www.osoa.com.au


  •  An excellent introductory guide to the sport of orienteering written by Carol McNeill.  $34.95 *       Web: www.osoa.com.au








  •  Elementary Orienteering Instructors Manual $16.95 plus postage. Available online from Orienteering Service of Australia (see above). A bit dated but contains some good ideas.