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28 March 1998
This fun event was held on a small area mapped at 1:5000 and including Riverbend Caravan Park and adjacent river flats. Thirty controls of varying difficulty were set out. At the mass start all teams had five minutes to decide who would punch which controls. All teams started at the same time. All 3 team members had to finish together.
Runners were seeded into 3 categories - very fast, fast and not so fast -by the organisers. the categories did not relate to world standards but to the standard of the entrants. The organisers also used a little creativity so that there were equal numbers in each category.
On the day the top few teams managed to combine brilliant planning with incredibly fast error-free running and so deserved the honour and glory which was lavishly provided for the winners.

1. Simon Uppill, Claire Davill, Robert Smith 
2. Bill Catchpoole, Bob Northcote, Jenny Casanova 
3. Marc Turner, Ian Winn, David Simmons 
4. Troy Merchant, Sue Millard, Gerry Velaitis 
5 Ian Harding, Robin Uppill, Andre Scott 
6 Miriam Uppill, Ken Fisher, Ross Dawson 
7. Kay Haarsma, Jeffa Lyon, John Nieuwenhoven 
8 Nadia Velaitis & Mum, Gary Harris, Christopher Davill
9. Sue Merchant, Phil Stoeckel, Peter Mayer
10. Ruth Nicolson, Samuel Hubbard, Heather Smith 
11. Rob Hillyard, Ann Nolan, Bevan Hill 
12. Jason Nicolson, John Lyon, Chris Simmons 
I 3 Brett Merchant, Zoe Radford, Lisa Hill x
14. Belinda Harris, Janet Davill, Adrian Uppill 
15. Shannon Nicolson, Katherine Radford, Lachlan Hallett 
16. Melanie Ruppe, Phil Davill, Tony Radford 
17. Jeanette Vanhoek, Dianne Hill, Doug McMurray 
18. Jan Hillyard, Jennie Bourne, Alison Radford 
19. Michael Fisher & Mum, Grant Keatley, John Williams 
20. Barbara Lane, Zebedy Hallett, Susanne Casanova 
21. Lesley Smith, Gary Jackson, Kim Hill 
22. Georgie Simmons & Mum, Helen Smith, Lee Merchant 
23. Mark Harris, Maarten Nieuwenhoven, Amber Tomas 
24. Fiorella Pahor, Anna Milne, David Bourne
25. Margaret Northcote, Adam Leaker, David Nicolson 
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