SA Night Championships Kuitpo 
Saturday 16 Oct 99

Course 1
Shannon Nicolson Junior YA 21.59
Pairs 10      
Liam & Rory McComb Junior OH 40.51
Out of Class      
John & Jeffa Lyon Senior TT 30.42
Bryn & Teri McComb S&J OH 38.51

Course 2
Hannah Skehan Junior TJ 30.2
Andrew Slattery Junior TT 29.28
Wes Dose Junior TT 33.28
Pairs 12      
Brett Merchant & Mark Harris Junior TJ 33.04
Out of Class      
Anthony Talbot Senior TJ 39.25
Chris Franklin Senior TJ 46.52
Elio Franklin Senior TJ 65.59
Helen Talbot Junior TJ 76.11

Course 3      
Troy Merchant Junior TJ 52.06
Jason Nicolson Junior YA 54.35
Gareth Williams Junior TJ 77
Pairs 14      
Belinda Harris & Katie Dose Junior OH & TT 56.34
Robert Northcote Senior TT 75.33
Out of Class      
Simon & Adrian Uppill S&J OH 79.16

Course 4      
Zebedy Hallett Junior YA 64.52
Chris Davill Junior TJ 79.52
Janet Davill Senior TJ 68.48
Ruth Nicolson Senior YA 140.58
Robert Smith Senior TT 50.55
Peter Mayer Senior YA 63.03
Garry Harris Senior TJ 66.19
Steve Williams Senior TJ 79.01
Phil Stoeckel Senior WA 81.17
Doug McMurray Senior YA 82.53
Phil Davill Senior TJ 93.51
Barry Wheeler Senior TT 96.02
George Reeves Senior TT 101.33
Gil Hollamby Senior TT 103.25
Dave Poole Senior TT 121.27
Marc Turner Senior TJ DNF
Pairs 45~55      
Jan & Rob Hillyard Senior TJ 128.32

Course 5      
John Nieuwenhoven Junior TT DNF
Anthea Williams Senior TJ 123.22
Course 6      
W Open      
Kay Haarsma Senior TT 186.27
M Open      
Greg Morcom Senior TJ 78.03
Lee Merchant Senior TJ 91.34
Lachlan Hallett Senior YA DNF
Pairs Open      
Sandra & Ruhi Afnan Senior   115.04
Nicki Mitchell & Oliver Berry Senior   DNF
Stephen Dose Senior TT 89.14
Dave Nicholson Senior YA 105.58
Peter Taylor Senior YA 112.27
Andrew McComb Senior OH DNF
Club - Paddick Memorial Trophy      
Tjuringa     8
Tintokkies     5.5
Yalanga     2
Onkapariga Hills     1.5

Feedback Column

Participants are invited to submit to the webmaster, their comments on the above event for possible publication in this column.  First preference for web space will be given to those comments that create  "Wish You Were There" emotions with our readers.