MOUNTAIN BIKE Orienteering State Championship Results for 2001 
25 November 2001

Last year at the state champs we had a heat wave with 40 degree temperatures. This year it was only 15 degrees when the first starters cycled away at 9 am! A few light rain showers didn’t put off the hardy 63 starters. This was a pleasing number and a slight improvement on 2000.

The original Knott Hill MBO map made by Claire Davill & Karl Hillyard was extended to the east by Reuben Smith. The names of the bike shop sponsors were prominently displayed on the map. Bicycle Express; Norwood Parade Cycles; Lifecycle; International Cycle Centre and the Cycle Rider generously gave $800 in vouchers as prizes. In the end the voucher distribution extended down to all 3rd placegetters. The remaining voucher was shared between Phil and Claire Davill for both getting very competitive 4ths. The traditional coffee mugs for places were also well received.

Amber Tomas was the designer of the interesting courses. There was lots of variety, especially for the longer 2 courses which even had a boardwalk section to ride! There were the usual sandy tracks well associated with Knott Hill, some muddy sections, some freshly mown tracks and some fast sections. Many thanks to the Wallaringa organising team of Phil and Lisa Stocekel, Frank Tomas, and Peter and Robyn Cutten who toiled away in the cold while the rest of us got warm out on the courses.

During the earlier MBO events about 50 % of participants were non OASA members, while in the Champs it was 42%. Tjuringa was the best represented O club with 19 people, with Tintookies next on 8.

It was really pleasing to see many from a mt biking background do really well. Martin Fidge managed to topple defending champion Steve Sullivan by a solid 6 minutes to take the open title, while Penny Thyer and Ruth Harris were rewarded with 2nd and 3rd in the open women’s class. In M35 Lee Merchant had great opposition from the speedy Neville George, but Lee reigned supreme. Scott Keneally has improved with each event and did well to take 3rd. He is race director for Adelaide Mt Bike club and obviously enjoys a different challenge. Well done to Anthea Williams who walked back to the start from no 4 with a puncture, and then continued on to finish her course.

The 2002 State Mountain Bike Championships will be on a brand new map of Wirrabara Forest, about 2 and a half hours north of Adelaide. This will be a weekend spectacular with a foot o event and a normal mass start mt bike race available on the Saturday afternoon. For the MBO event we will try to encourage more participation by allowing pairs in some junior classes and in an open B class for adults. Also in November the Australian MBO Champs will be held near Bendigo, so this should be accessible for us South Aussies to compete at. On Easter Friday, near Goulbourn, will be the final selection trial for the first ever World Championships to be held in France.

M14 10 km    
Andrew Slattery TT 41.59
Brett Merchant Tj 47.57
B & M Ward   120.40

M16 15 km    
Lachlan Hallett Ya 66.35
Gareth Williams Tj 68.07
Troy Merchant Tj 68.33
Chris Davill Tj 72.56
Michael Ashforth Wa 72.59
Greg Brown Tj 85.16
Dion Bennett Tt 94.17
Aaron Young +1   105.10

Men Open 25.5 km    
Martin Fidge   82.27
Stephen Sullivan Ya 88.26
Ruhi Afnan Ya 89.50
Gary Dodd   98.18
Scott Irrigang   98.30
Bruce Greenhalgh As 100.43
Dan Crosby   157.10

M35 20 km    
Lee Merchant Tj 80.53
Neville George Wa 80.53
Scott Kenneally As 87.45
Phil Davill Tj 92.58
Simon Capp Tj 94.43
Scott Bradley   95.10
Ian Winn Oh 96.18
Lloyd Samson Tj 97.19
Heinz Leuenberger Oh 101.52
Peter Clark Wa 105.03
Steve Williams Tj 112.42
Jim Townsend   (unoff) 95.03

M50 - 15 km    
Paul Hoopman Tj 61.16
Peter Haarsma   73.53
John Fidge   74.23
Peter Mayer Ya 74.45
Tim Lebbon Wa 79.20
David Tillbrook Oh 88.48
John Sennett Tt 97.20
Dennis McCarthy  97.30
David Poole Tt 99.02
Henry Pecanek  104.00
Chris Brown Tj 105.18
Rob Hillyard Tj 111.37

M60 13 km    
Clive Nelson   3 c
Adrian Gatto + 2 (unoff) mech  

W16 - 13 km    
Kate Radford Tt 77.20
Louise Hutchinson Tt 88.44

W Open - 20 km    
Kay Haarsma Tt 87.08
Penny Thyer   100.41
Ruth Harris   106.13
Claire Davill Tj 106.38
Sandra Afnan Ya 119.32
DeAnne Smith   120.04
Alison Campbell +1  154.01

W 35 - 15 km    
Robyn Brown Tj 76.16
Janet Davill Tj 79.32
Louise George Wa 95.39
Anthea Williams Tj 127.07
Sue Merchant Tj 155.20

W50 – 13 km    
Helen Smith Tt 99.29
Pat Mc Crohan  105.35