MOUNTAIN BIKE Orienteering Results for 
Gumeracha Goldfields
21 October 2001

Fine weather and little mud made for great riding conditions. Unfortunately the petrol rationing saga stopped some people from joining us, with 37 fronting the starting line.

The distances and winning times were pretty well spot on, ably set by John Sennett. His sons Luke and John had a full on day learning the intricacies of event organization. Well done.

Steve Sullivan, of Adelaide Mt Bike fame has reigned supreme in the elite Mbo ranks for several years now. However he got strongly challenged this week, winning by a narrow 5 second margin over 2000 foot O Aust Champion Reuben Smith. Suprisingly close on their heels, just 3 minutes down was 20 year old junior foot O Aus representative, Amber Tomas. Watch out guys! Mr consistent Bruce Greenhalgh narrowed Steve’s margin to just 6 minutes to make a close top 4.

A special mention to 13 year old Robert Hembrow, who came 4th in his very first mbo event on the fast and furious 8 km course. Note that "As" is not a new club, but a 3 month associate member category for mbo riders.

Steve Sullivan Ya 81.35
Reuben Smith Tt 81.40
Amber Tomas  Wa 83.30
Bruce Greenhalgh As  87.05
Kay Haarsma Tt 116.30
Ruhi Afnan Ya Dnf
John Fidge - Dnf

Lachlan Hallett Ya 70.05
Scott Bradley - 79.45
NGeorge/ PClark Wa 93.20
Scott Keneally As 97.50
Penny Thyer -   117.20
N&Dthomson+1 - 118.50
Nick Andrews +1 - 155.20
Kate Radford Tt Dnf

Andrew Slattery Tt 62.00
Heinz Leuenberger Oh 67.10
Phil Stoeckel Wa 71.45
Gerry Velatis Ya 73.20
Lloyd Sampson - 79.30
A&SWilliams Tj 87.30
M&BWard - 176.05
Dennis McCarthy Dnf

Michael Ashforth Wa 32.05
Tyson Hillyard Tj 38.30
David Poole Tt 41.30
Robert Hembrow Oh 45.00
Lee Bruland - 48.45
Helen Smith Tt 56.58
Rob Hillyard Tj 57.10
Helena Willmott - 66.20