Orienteering Results for Pymton
 9 September 2001

The day was fine and almost warm, much to the organizers delight, as the two days before had been cold wet and very blustery. It was so windy on the Saturday that it was decided not to set up anything because it would only blow down again so David Poole and Gil Hollamby spent a sleepless night on Saturday hoping that by arriving at Pymton soon after sunrise that they would have enough time to set up before people arrived. No problems…the day was calm and the rain had gone, the assembly area had to be shifted because the road had become impassable, but the new parking area was firm and, being on deep sand even the toilets could be quickly prepared. No tents were needed at either the mark up pre start, the start or the finish. Plenty of time.
134 competitors ran one or other of Phil Hazell’s courses and apart from mutterings about ‘bl…. Rocks’ all enjoyed themselves with very few DNF’s. Spare a thought for Phil who had put out most of those controls in the wet and windy weather on the days before and had to crouch behind one of those rocks for sometime during a particularly fierce lightning and thunder storm. He got so cold that he had trouble manipulating the car keys when he got back.
The Rockleigh community set up and provided an excellent catering service and it was very pleasing to notice that most orienteers supported them. The Pym families were there in force behind the counter. Orienteering in SA is very appreciative of the Pyms for the use of their properties and of their congeniality.
Gil and David thank you all for respecting this land and a special thankyou to other Tintookies for their help on the day. There was only one hiccup, the finish clock went down at one stage and the timing had to be based on the prestart clock which Phil in his organized way had set 4 mins ahead. A fact which was not recognized for some time. So your time listed here is correct and the time you had posted on the results ladder may have been slower than you actually were.
Gil Hollamby

Tintookies Courses Phil Hazel

Course 1 2.0km, 75m climb
Rory McComb M10 19:47
Benjamin Lee M10 26:25
Luke Hazel M10 28:39
Henry Hazel M10 34:51
Caroline Barnett W10 42:45
Josh,Daniel,Jess Pym/Truman   42:46
Heath Bennett M10 50:16
Riordan Dose M10 DNF
Brock Richmond   DNF

Course 2 2.5km, 90m climb
Rory McComb M10 20:38
Toby Clark M12 22:57
Marissa Lee W12 24:08
Tom Dose M12 28:24
Bec Hatcher   29:33
Carol Such W55 34:58
Lisa Stoeckel W12 35:03
Jenna Thomas   40:38
Sophie Wells   42:22
Virginia Van Essen   73:42

Course 3 3.8km, 135m climb
Rebecca Henbrow OH W14 43:17
Rachel Scott TT W14 43:49
Max Sankauskas OH M14 45:32
Kris Colwell OH W14 48:03
Adam Kreminski WA M14 48:46
Tristan Lee TJ M12 50:58
Shannon Nicolson YA W12 52:05
Kara Lee TJ W14 57:36
Trystan Bennett TT M14 58:36
Nicol/Simon Livingstone     61:41
Debbie Tsagatos     61:59
Sue Merchant TJ   62:10
Aaron Maddison OH   62:39
Evelyn,Zita OH   66:54
Hugh Calvey     70:47
Sarah Smith YA W21 76:04
Mark Harris TJ M14 77:59
Erin Murray     83:15

Course 4 4.6km, 170m climb
Simon Uppill OH M14 40:46
Wes Dose TT M14 47:58
Brett Merchant TJ M14 51:36
Alan Barnett TT M45 71:54
Deb Semple TJ   76:48
Jeffa Lyon TT W60 82:27
Sue Millard TT W60 84:00
Rachel Upton WA W21 84:31
Maarten Nieuwenhoven TT M55 85:41
Rae Harris WA W70 91:01
Geoff Bennett TT M45 96:33
Julie Crebbin YA W35 99:41
Margaret Northcote TT W60 103:12
Robyn Cutten WA W60 104:03
Sue Bament OH   150:23
Sue Barwick     157:00
Lewis Carter TJ M45 DNF

Course 5 5.4km, 165m climb
John Lyon TT M60 48:45
Zebedy Hollett YA W16 50:36
Hannah Skehan TJ W14 56:55
John Hall TT M60 60:18
Peter Cutten WA M60 60:28
George Reeves TT M65 62:52
Garry Harris TJ M45 63:15
Irena Palmer YA W55 63:32
Belinda Harris OH W16 66:53
Robert northcote TT M60 69:21
Hermann Frank TT M50 76:40
Peter Kreminski WA M60 79:04
Nicole Such OH W16 85:06
Ruth Nicolson YA   86:38
Mike Hicks TT M60 93:36
Ann Nolan TJ W55 105:49
Marjo Baan TT W44 110:41
Jan Hillyard TJ W50 117:36
Tony Ekkelboon TJ   Noncomp

Course 6 6.9km, 205m climb
Paul Hoopman TJ M50 50:58
Troy Merchant TJ M16 51:05
Rob Tucker YA M50 59:28
Robert Smith TT M55 65:21
Gareth Williams TJ M16 65:58
Robin Uppill OH W45 66:22
Robyn Brown TJ W45 67:09
Alexander Frank TT M16 67:10
John Nieuwenhoven TT M20 68:52
Phil Stoeckel WA M50 68:55
Naomi Francis TT W18 70:34
Lexie Ashforth WA W20 71:19
Jason Nicolson YA M16 76:15
David Tilbrook OH M55 81:24
Janet Davill TJ W45 83:12
Katie Dose TT W16 83:59
Michelle Chamalaun OH W35 86:25
Dion Bennett TT M16 90:51
Chris Brown TJ   92:11
Anthea Williams TJ W40 102:54
Heinz Leuenberger OH   104:51
Chris Franklin TJ   105:47
Dave Poole TT M50 106:09
Ian Harding YA M55 108:52
Michelle Soar YA W35 115:04
Barb Lane YA W45 126:20
Rob Hillyard TJ M55 133:27
Anna Hazell TT W35 142:05
Paul Rogers   M40 146:44
Fi Pajor TT W45 187:05
Peter Mayer YA M50 DNF

Course 7 8.3km, 245m climb
Andrew McComb OH M40 59:34
Lee Merchant TJ M45 60:39
Lachlan Hallett YA M18 61:31
David Simmons   M40 62:04
Adrian Uppill OH M50 63:38
Michael Ashforth WA M18 70:28
Dave Nicolson YA M40 72:42
Grant Henwood TJ M45 78:54
Chris Davill TJ M18 80:44
Ian Winn OH M40 81:25
Peter Clark WA M45 95:12
David Couche YA M45 97:48
Kate Radford TT W20 100:32
Peter Ashforth WA M45 102:47
Doug Lee TJ M40 103:45
Neil Alford TJ M40 109:25
Tyson Hillyard TJ M20 110:21
Ken Fisher YA M45 110:47

Course 8 9.3km, 310m climb
Miguel Clark M20 72:20
Steve Cooper M35 76:37
Zoe Radford W18 79:29
Phil Davill M35 101:48
Daryl Crebbin M35 102:00
Peter Proud   128:08

Course 9 11.5km, 350m climb
Reuben Smith TT M21 80:38
Stephen Dose TT M21 85:18
Susanne Cassanova WA W21 91:01
Ruhi Afnan YA M21 99:16
Peter Taylor YA M40 100:41
Simon Capp TJ M45 139:44