Summer Street O Series Results
Event 1 7th December 2001, Flinders University

The first event, as often is the case, was hectic and busy as we tried to get everyone organised and on their courses as quickly as possible. We managed to get the Scatter'O off only 3 minutes after 6:30 pm, and once all those competitors were gone things settled right down. On everyones return there were no harsh complaints, though there were a few annoyed people that took a while to find the Coopers Bar.
Overall a very pleasing start to the series, with 51 entries and no one still out there. Remember that next week we are at Fourth Creek, near Morialta Conservation Park.
A big thankyou to Lexie and Michael Ashforth for their help on the night. Hope to see you all out there again next Friday night.

PS. Apologies to those whose results are not here, I have lost some of the ones that didn't have control cards on course B. If they turn up I will make sure that they are posted, sorry!!.

Also, a BIG thankyou to the Bleckly family who returned the lost sercurity radio.

Course: Scatter'O
Name: Time:
Lee Merchant 23.34
Tony Radford 34.47
Lachlan Hallet 34.49
Amber Tomas 35.49
Heinz Leunberger 36.21
Troy Merchant 36.27
Phil Stoeckel 37.21
John Williams 38.18
Andrew Slattery 39.40
Phil Davill 41.17
George Reeves 41.42
M. Allen 42.52
Doug McMurray 45.35
Janet Davill 48.42
Tyson Hillyard 48.44
Heather Smith 49.54
Hannah Skehan 51.39
Kerrin Rattray 99.99

Name: Time:
Max Prehsler 22.28
Jenny Bourne 29.30
Danielle and Kelly 32.26
Jan Hillyard 40.18
Peter Thomas 42.38
Mallory Hughes 43.55
Andrew Thomas 44.38
Nathan Buder 53.13
??? O'Conner 56.40

Course: 3.6km
Name: Time:
Adrian Uppill 27.29
David Nicholson 29.46
Brett Merchant 29.50
John Hall 29.57
Jason Nicholson 33.38
Doug Lee 34.22
Robin Uppill 35.32
Garry Harris 35.52
Frank Tomas 36.15
Ross Neilson 36.49
Robyn Brown 36.52
Tristram Lee 37.35
M. Scott 38.18
Greg Potter 39.41
Chris Brown 40.58
Rob Hillyard 47.20
Allan Anderson 48.14
Bill Catchpole 48.53
Ron Larsson 50.24
M. Turner 52.15
Kate and Clare 52.19
Barb Lane 56.34
Bleckley 110.57