Summer Street O Series Results
Event No. 8, Mawson Lakes, 9th February
Course Setters Comments:
The first cool(ish) day we have had for a while and a good crowd turned out for the run. The organisers were inundated with starters for the line courses, including many “come-and-try-it” people and were caught on the hop. Some recycling of maps and hasty drawing up of punch cards saw then through the day. There were more than 60 paying customers so there were likely around 80-90 participants out on the courses. A good turnout indeed! Let’s hope it keeps up.

Many people are not filling in the white slips or punch cards correctly (or not at all). This makes it very difficult for the timekeepers and scorers. Please at least fill in your name and start-time on the punch card. Some of the names listed below are best guesses.

Name Time
Course 1; 4.1 km (short)  
Andrew Jackson 21.00
Eric harris 28.20
D 28.21
Ron Larsson 30.30
Marc Robinson 30.36
Chris Davill 31.52
Colin Dodd/Aaron Maddison 32.10
Toby Clark 37.20
Sue Bament 38.40
Daniel/Michael Burdett 47.15
Darren Smith +1 51.00
M Spurling 52.15
Robyn Cutten 58.32
Caroline Barnett 66.40
Ali Splay?/Melissa Wood/Amy Leow 70.53
10 other cards on which either start or finish time was not recorded.  

Course 2; 5.4 km (Long)  Time
No Name (Daniel Young?) 24.20
Heather Smith 25.55
Kate Radford 27.40
David Tilbrook 31.05
Daryl Crebbin 31.18
Frank Tomas 33.00
Peter Cutten 36.33
Lexie/Tom/Tyson 36.50
Louise George 38.20
J. Shephard 40.00
Barb Lane 42.05
B. Catchpoole 44.24
Ann Nolan 56.00
Andrew Cranwell 57.15
Katherine Willmott? 62.25
Sarah S Start time?
J. Smith Times??
Golden Grove Youth Times??
No Name Times??

Katie Dose 25.00
Michael Ashforth 30.30
Peter Ashforth 32.30
Andrew Slattery 33.15
Wes Dose 34.25
Miguel Clark 34.16
Tim Britton 36.50
Wes Dose 48.58
Stephen Dose 37.20
Lachlan Hallett 38.59
Matthew Cranwell 42.30
Michelle Chamalava 44.00
George Reeves 44.19
John Hall 45.34
Zoe Radford 48.02