Wirrabara Forest Mountain Bike Orienteering Resultsbike

 6 October 2004

In rainy, blustery conditions more typical of July than November fifteen intrepid riders undertook the challenge of the Tintookie Clubs MTBO event in the Wirrabara forest.

Run as a “score” event with 3 time classes the 2 hour length proved the most popular. Gerry Velaitis won this class gathering his points in the steeper northern part of the course. Roger Greenhalgh was next best with his navigation of the southern part of the map. The different route choices proving to be a feature of the event. In the 90 minute class the experience of Peter Mayer gave him the advantage over the youth of Lachlan Greenhalgh with Adelaide Mountain Bike Club stalwart Scott Keneally a close third.

Helen Smith lad home the women timing her ride to just miss the worst of the rain. And Carolyn Strong, who had some of the worst of the meteorology, deserves a mention for her good humour and perseverance.

My thanks to all those who assisted in the running of the event, in particular Bob Smith who had the pleasure of declaring at the following day’s foot O held in near perfect conditions, “This is foot O weather!”

2 Hour Score

1 – Gerry Velaitis – 510 points
2 – Roger Greenhalgh – 470 points
3- Duncan Greenhalgh – 380 points
3 – David Poole – 380 points
5 – Nigel Greenhalgh – 145 points
6 – Joyce Wode and Brian Moore – 140 points
7 – Carolyn Strong – 80 points    

90 Minutes Score

1 – Peter Mayer – 350 points
2 – Lachlan Greenhalgh – 270 points
3 – Scott Keneally – 260 points
4 - David Tilbrook – 250 points
5 - Helen Smith – 230 points
6 – Janet Davill - 200 points    

Minutes Score

1 – Rob Hillyard – 60 points