Mt Crawford Forest Mountain Bike Orienteering Resultsbike

 11 September 2004

Peter Clark set a very interesting and challenging scatter o event. A total of 15 controls were marked on the map and participants could choose to visit any 5, 10 or all 15.
The weather was cool and exercise was needed to keep warm. Fortunately the rain stayed away for the afternoon as the ground had been drenched overnight and there was water water everywhere.
Congratulations to Bruce Greenhalgh on winning the 15 control event and very closely followed by Lee Merchant and Ian Fehler - a tribute to the work of Peter Clark's work and skill in course setting.

Course 1 - 5 Controls           
    Carolyn     Strong    47.38
    Michael    Kaczan    DNF

Course 2 - 10 Controls           
    Hienz    Leuenberger    75.58
    Peter    Mayer    79.54
    Roger    Greenhalgh    91.12
    Steve    Scott    95.52
    David    Poole    99.58
    David    Tilbrook    108.04

Course 3 - 15 Controls           
    Bruce    Greenhalgh    82.34
    Lee    Merchant    85.31
    Ian    Fehler    85.47
    Andrew    Slattery    98.00
    Gerry    Velaitis    114.00
    Duncan    Greenhalgh    116.20
    Nigel    Greenhalgh    DNF
    Scott    Bradley    DNF