Summer Street O Series Results

Event #1  Athelstone 3rd December

First event for the series was welcomed with some great weather, not too hot but nice enough to pull out the picnic tea and enjoy the evening.
A good turn out, boosted by the Double Helix Club, enjoyed some well set and interesting courses. Conflicting directions resulted in some disorientated competitors before they even got to the event, and gave a welcome reminder to organisers of the importance of checking all advertising!! However all was well in the end with plenty of smiling faces around; young and old, regulars and newcomers alike.

Congratulations to the winners of the night prizes; Chris Davill (TJ), Tristan Lee (TJ) and George Reeves (TT) receiving vouchers from Joggers World and Susanne Casanova (WA) receiving a hat and pair of socks from Polar Heart Rate Monitors.  Thanks to both these companies for their support.

Finally, thanks must go to Andrew Slattery (TT) for setting the evenings courses, Toby Clark (WA) for helping setting up and collecting controls and Sean Hooper for helping out on the start and finish throughout the evening. The Summer Series events are set and run by the juniors of the sport and they all deserve our support for the up and coming events.

Remember the next event is this Friday 10th December at Springfield (southern end of Fullarton Rd), so make sure we see you out again!!

Short Course 2.5km [14] 

Andrew & Emma Crawley 32.00 
Annette & Ken Thompson 37.37 
Jodi Cameron 38.55 
Robyn & Riorden Dose 40.02 
Jennie Bourne 40.43 
Agnew 41.00 
Thompsons 46.05 
Steven Saffi 46.30 
Bills Family 48.35 
Jeffa Lyon 48.45 
Rosine Young 48.45 
Tamara 56.44 
Mathew Ireland 59.13 
Faye Willis 2 controls

Medium Course 4.8km [41] 

Mallory Hughes 33.22 
Peter Mayer 34.39 
Zebedy Hallett & Vanessa Round 35.55 
Hugh Calvery 38.20 
Aaron Maddison 42.44 
Claire Davill 44.11 
Doug McMurray 45.08 
Marissa Lee 45.35 
Peter Kreminski 46.30 
Colin Dodd 48.06 
Simon Mitchell 49.40 
Peter Cutten 49.46 
Rosalie Bennett 50.20 
Ken Clarke 51.34 
Kayne Channing 57.14 
Eleanor Scratton 58.33 
Lachlan McArthur 60.23 
Edda Keskula 61.41 
M Klunder 66.17 
Jenny Hembrow 67.20 
Janet Davill 67.25 
Helen Smith 68.03 
Nathan Cronin-Earl 68.55 
John Denton 69.46 
Sue Millard 69.54 
Sowerbutts 70.23 
Martin Harwood 73.50 
Rebecca Hatcher 74.13 
Robyn Cutten 74.34 
Chris Davill 76.13 
Di Girolamo Family 81.30 
Sam, Matt, David & Justin 82.25 
Grace de la Lande 82.55 
Tony, Kath & Jane 83.44 
Sonia Graham 83.45 
McGuinness 84.50 
Patrick van der Sommen 89.16 
Evelina Paraschivoin 92.25 
Goodwin 93.43 
Chris, Julie & Sue 99.50 
Bullen Family 118.12   

Long Course 6.8km [23] 

Simon Uppill  44.45
Tristan Lee    48.55
Warwick Dougherty 49.04
Rebbeca Hembrow 51.20
Doug Lee    51.55
Tyson Hillyard    52.20
Bruce Greenleigh 52.20
Nigel Obson-Keeffe 52.30
Dave Nicolson 52.56
Zoe Radford    53.45
Jason Nicolson 58.30
Phil Davill    61.12
Harry Waterhouse 61.30
Geoff Bennett    61.40
Kate Radford    61.45
John Lyon    62.22
Barry Wheeler   72.20
Bill Catchpoole   75.55
Daphne Williams 77.20
Martyn Price    77.20
Allan Anderson 83.20
Frank Tomas    84.10
C Strong    89.55

Scatter O [8] 

Susanne Casanova 43.14 
Lachlan Hallett 45.45 
George Reeves 47.42 
Tony Radford 49.25 
Alison Radford 50.40 
Andy Capp 57.49 
Maurice Patten 61.44 
Wes Dose 63.10