Summer Street O Series Results

Event #2  Springfield 10 December

The warm, humid weather did not deter around 70 participants (55 maps) who enjoyed the varied challenges offered by this map. These ranged from the trails of Waite reserve (with its marvellous vistas) to the labyrinthine intricacies of the built area on campus. Thanks to Simon Uppill for the course setting and to Tom & Ben Diment and Brett Mason-Fyfe (and others who chipped in) for helping. Apologies from FT for placing one control on the wrong lamp post and for failing to record the names of the Joggers World voucher winners (ouch!).

It seems that Katie Dose was feeling heroic and punched all 20 controls in the scatter instead of just her required 15!! John Williams was the scatter (and Polar cap) winner despite a bit of extra touring among the mansions J.. In a small change to the scatter handicapping, the under 17’s may be moved into the next category (two fewer controls) so check this next week.

To facilitate posting of results, please write your name clearly, and in full, on the punch card. If doing the scatter, please also indicate your category.

See you all next week at North Adelaide (signs from Cnr LeFevre Tce/Kingston Tce, Nth Adelaide) for last event of 2004.

Short Course 3.2km [12] 

Claire Davill 27:30
Rachael Upton 27:50
Ken Clarke 30:57
Jodi Cameron 34:34
Erica Diment 35:36
Martyn Price 38:24
Dean Fyfe 41:25
Zara & Bryn Soden & Nathan Frick  41:41
Chris 46:25
Ann Nolan 49:43
Ruhi & Dante Afnan 50:02
David & April 58:57

Medium Course 4.4km [20] 

Hugh Calvey 35:48
Robin Uppill 43:21
Jenny Casanova 45:22
Dion Bennett 45:49
Helen Mason-Fyfe 46:39
Geoff Bennett 47:25
Garry Harris 47:48
Stephane & Tiff 53:06
Simon Mitchell 54:44
Emma & Andrew Cranley 57:19
Aaron Maddison   59:40
Marc Turner  60:21
Carolyn Stong  62:49
Kaye Channing   66:58
Janet Davill  70:42
Bec Hatcher  72:47
Chris Davill  73:47
Maarten Nieuwenhoven 97:21
Jeffa Lyon  (6/8 controls) 83:52
Robyn & Peter Cutten (4/8 controls)  65:08

Long Course 6.5km [13] 

Andre Scott  51:19
Harry Waterhouse   51:20
James Nicholson   52:30
Tyson Hillyard   53:04
John Soden  56:59
George Reeves   60:21
Andrew Mogridge   66:46
Trevor Diment  72.17
Doug McMurray   72:51
Barb Lane  86:44
Daphne Williams   90:42
Allan Andersen   90:52
Michael K    100.41

Scatter O [11] 

John Williams  36:00
Susanne Casanova   38:39
Lachlan Hallett   39:54
John Lyon   44:42
Miguel Clark  46:46
Stephen Dose  51:59
Maurice Patten   55:57
Andrew Slattery   60:47
Katie Dose (20 controls!!) 77:22
Max Sankauskas (11/15 controls)  39:09
Peter Reed  (6 controls)   106:58