Panorama Orienteering Results

9 July 2005

 The organiser apologises to anyone who read the programme correctly (like she didn’t) and proceeded to the corner of Eliza Place and Springbank Rd and then couldn’t find the signs… To all the parents of kids from Black Forest Primary School, give yourselves a brownie point for venturing out on a cold and miserable day. About 40 people thought that orienteering would be more rewarding than sitting by the fire, and here’s what they did:

Short course, 2.4km
Rachael ??      29.00
Lachlan Brockbank   32.05
Morgan ??   35.00
Justin V?   37.20
Erica & Darryl   37.36
Bradley & Rachael Thompson   45 min
Benjamin Schnell   48 min
Nicholas Schnell   50.40
Daniel Bell   61.44

Medium course, 3.9km
John Williams   36.36
Frank Tomas   37.30
Ben Diment   39.40
Trevor Diment   40.30
Garry Harris    42 min
Emma & Andrew Cranley   60.38
Ray & Brad Craddock   80 min
Arran Stubbs   86 min
Marianne Carter   110 min
Matthew Ireland   ???
Gavin Camac   ???
(Some results couldn’t be processed due to the effects of precipitation on pen & paper)

Long course, 6.3km
M. Allen   55.24
M.Patten   75.30
Bruce Greenhalgh   78.18
Liz Drew   113 min