Summer Street O Series Results

 Event #2  Panorama Friday Dec 8th

As the temperature was over 35 degrees, times were not recorded.
Those who particpated are listed below, and all enjoyed the courses set by Tristan Lee.

Short Course  –  2.5 km

Jennie Bourne
Robyn Cutten
Josie Smernik
Phillipa Smernik
Bryn McComb
Ken and Claire
Lexie Ashforth
Teri McComb
Lachlan Harris
Robbie Andrew
Liz Drew
Peta and John
Aaron Thomas

Medium Course       4.3 km

Alison Radford
Ruth Nicholson
Peter Cutten
Hugh Calvey
Ryan Farquharson
Gary Harris
Ken Fisher
Robin Uppill
Dave Nicolson
Ben Diment

Long Course   6.0 km

Michael Roberts
Doug Lee
Frank Tomas
Jenny and Susanne
Tyson Hillyard
Rory McComb
Michael K

Scatter O

George Reeves
Jeffa Lyon
Harry Waterhouse
Wes Dose
Craig Colwell
Lachlan Hallet
John Nieuwenhoven
Louise Southaland
John Williams
Ron Larsson
John Lyon
Thomas Diment
David Tilbrook
John Southaland