Summer Street O Series Results

 Event #5  North Adelaide Bonython Park
Friday 20 January 2006

Due to the extreme temperature, the event was made un-competitive by not offering the long course, no timing, and reducing the number of controls for the Scatter O.
37 entrants came in spite of the 37+ degree temperature.
Thanks must go to Rebecca and the Hembrow’s for their fantastic efforts. Thanks also to Thomas Fotheringham for manning the finish, and Heather Lee and her supporters for the BBQ.

 Short    2.1km

Jennie    Bourne
Rachel    Fisk
Hannah    Jansen
John    Litvian
John    Lyon
Alec    Nicopoulos
Alex    Rogerson
Sophie Rogerson

Medium Course 

Claire    Bell
Hugh    Calvey
Brett    Fisk
Doug Fotheringham
Matthew    Gray
Gary    Harris
Michelle Morton
Julius Miller
Peter    Kreminski
Laura Bell
Laren Gillis
Doug    Lee
Ruth    Nicolson
Fi    Pahor
Vanessa    Round
Ken    Thompson
Frank    Tomas
Robin    Uppill
David    Warren
Barry    Wheeler

Scatter O

Susanne    Casanova
Lachlan    Hallett
Shannon Nicolson
Jason Nicolson
Michael    K
Ron    Larsson
Jeffa    Lyon
John    Nieuwenhoven
George    Reeves
Helen    Smith
David    Tilbrook
John    Williams