Belair - World Police and Fire Games 2007Saturday 17/03/2007
Orienteering Results

The orienteering event for the 2007 World Police and Fire Games was held on Saturday 17th March in Belair National Park near Adelaide in ideal weather conditions.
Participants from 14 countries including Spain, Germany, USA, United Kingdom and Australia, competed in open and a number of veteran age groups.
As well as police and fire services, competitors also represented customs, correctional services, immigration services and border police.
The physically demanding courses challenged but were enjoyed by all competitors, with Szymon Lawecki from Poland (State Fire Service) winning the Open Menís 6.9 km course in 46:24 mins.
Open Women was won by Anja Wursig from Germany (Brandenberg Police) with 87:24 mins for the 5.8 km course.
Timea Horvath from Hungary (Budapest Police) completed the same course in the Senior A Women class in 67:14 mins.
All courses from the event was organised by Onkaparinga Hills Orienteers on behalf of the Police and Fire Games organisation, were open to the general orienteering community in the afternoon following the Games medal presentation.
   Pl Name                                    Club                  Nat                       Time

Open Men  (17)  Vo 6.9 km   22 C            

    1 Lawecki Szymon                          Fire State            POL                      46:24
    2 Devilliers Martial                      Police Noumea         NCL                      71:35
    3 Sala Enric                              Fire Catalonia        ESP                      74:47
    4 SanSegundo Lopez Manuel                 Fire Avila            ESP                      75:45
    5 Rogers Scott                            Fire MFS, SA          AUS                      81:55
    6 Strack Daniel                           Customs Vic           AUS                      83:42
    7 Bourne David                            Police SA             AUS                      89:22
    8 Trill Mestres Marc                      Fire Catalonia        ESP                      92:13
    9 Nagler Jens                             Police Potsdam        GER                      97:15
   10 Sala Miguel                             Fire Catalonia        ESP                     107:10

      Saltor I Puig Xavier                    Fire Catalonia        ESP                         mp
      Barbaovat Benoit                        Fire&Res Seine et Mar FRA                         mp
      Robichon Mario                          Fire&Res Seine et Mar FRA                         mp
      Russo Thomas                            Fire New York, NY     USA                        dns
      Legallais Thibaut                       Fire&Res Seine et Mar FRA                        dns
      Wirth Peter                             Police SA             AUS                        dns
      Batten Adrian                           Police SA             AUS                        dns

Senior A Men  (11) 6.9 km   22 C            

    1 Trigales Delgado Ivan                   Fire Madrid           ESP                      57:29
    2 Rodriguez Jimenez Jose                  Police Mijas          ESP                      65:34
    3 Cenalmor Pedro                          Fire Madrid           ESP                      65:51
    4 Melcak Tomas                            Fire&Res Novy Jicn    CZE                      69:08
    5 Fabregat Rexach Jordi                   Fire Barcelona        ESP                      75:18
    6 Casanovas Ivan                          Fire Barcelona        ESP                      91:17
    7 Sanchez Lumbreras Rafae                 Police Vigo           ESP                      95:29
    8 Rojo Herrero Fernando                   Fire Madrid           ESP                     117:24
    9 Boulanger Geoffrey                      Police Quebec         CAN                     120:09

      Fortier Charles                         Police New Westminste CAN                        dns
      Brisard Gregory                         Fire&Res Seine et Mar FRA                        dns

Senior B Men  (10) 5.8 km   18 C            

    1 Schammer Mark                           Fire MFS, SA          AUS                      56:06
    2 Dehlstrom Tommy                         Fire Pargas           FIN                      65:47
    3 Sanchez Morales Jorge                   Police Santa Cruz     ESP                      65:59
    4 Solis Izquierdo Manuel                  Police Sevilla        ESP                      67:58
    5 Perez Pascual Eduardo                   Fire Alicante         ESP                      71:30
    6 Klang Steve                             Police El Dorado, CA  USA                      74:39
    7 Triguereo Atienza Javier                None None                                      88:56
    8 Merriot Glen                            Imm UK                UK                      100:30
    9 Gregory Kym                             Fire MFS, SA          AUS                     127:28
   10 Peach John                              Fire Franklin, IN     USA                     165:46

Master A Men  (9)  5.8 km   18 C            

    1 Blaschke Matthias                       Fire Hessen           GER                      56:49
    2 Fong Yuk Leung Aaron                    Police Hong Kong      CHI                      75:32
    3 Lam Wai Keung                           Police Hong Kong      CHI                     108:11
    4 Saunders Neville                        Fire ACT              AUS                     108:18

      Chung Wing Shing Jacks                  Police Hong Kong      CHI                         mp
      Blackman Greg                           Fire MFS, Vic         AUS                        dns
      Conor Paul                              Police Vic            AUS                        dns
      Darby Bill                              Police WA             AUS                        dns
      Dunlap Martin                           Fire Martinez         US                         dns

Master B Men  (8)  5.8 km   18 C            

    1 Hanninen Jukka                          Fire Pargas           FIN                      49:23
    2 Murua Brasero Miguel                    Police Madrid         ESP                      65:27
    3 Taylor Michael                          Prison UK             UK                       70:29
    4 Christen Wolfram                        Police Brandenburg    GER                      95:42
    5 Durrant Michael                         Fire NSW              AUS                     120:08
    6 Schaefer Andreas                        Police Cologne        GER                     122:36

      Cijes Millan Santiago                   Fire Catalonia        ESP                        dns
      Fryer Tim                               Fire MFS, Vic         AUS                        dns

Grand Master A Men 5.3 km   20 C            

    1 John Vladimir                           Police Czech          CZE                      47:03
    2 Skog Arne                               Fire Bellevue, WA     USA                      58:58
    3 Post Ken                                Police WA             AUS                      61:17
    4 Howland Andrew                          Police SA             AUS                      75:29
    5 Vilks Andrejs                           Latvia Latvia         LTV                      94:48

      Van Dongen John                         Fire MFS, SA          AUS                        dnf
      Araujo Peter                            Fire San Jose, CA     USA                        dns

Grand Master B Men 5.3 km   20 C            

    1 Schwanitz Juergen                       Border Germany        GER                      63:19

Grand Master C Men 4.2 km   12 C            

    1 Nieuwenhoven Maarten                    Fire MFS, SA          AUS                      48:16
    2 Shepherd Alex                           Fire MFS, Vic         AUS                     122:19

Grand Master D Men 4.2 km   12 C            

    1 Andersson Lars                          Fire Stockholm        SWE                      59:19

      Carter Charles                          Fire San Jose, CA     USA                        dns

Open Women  (4)  V 5.8 km   18 C            

    1 Wursig Anja                             Police Brandenburg    GER                      87:24
    2 Hoffman Nicole                          Police Berlin         GER                      89:14

      Chang Farenn                            Corr Federal          AUS                        dns
      Balchin Kate                            Police London         UK                         dns

Senior A Women  (5 5.8 km   18 C            

    1 Horvath Timea                           Police Budapest       HUN                      67:14
    2 Watson Sarah                            Prison UK             UK                       71:28
    3 Ho Kit Ying                             Police Hong Kong      CHI                      98:30
    4 Pillich Anna                            Police NSW            AUS                     133:50

      Maltais Cathy                           Police Quebec         CAN                         mp

Senior B Women  (3 5.3 km   20 C            

    1 Blanco Malen                            Police Navarra        ESP                      55:48
    2 Coll Eriksson Anika                     Fire Madrid           ESP                      59:36
    3 Lam Yeun Kwan Ada                       Police Hong Kong      CHI                      68:40

Master A Women  (1 5.3 km   20 C            

    1 Weckert Robin                           Fire NSW              AUS                      89:13

Master B Women  (1 5.3 km   20 C            

    1 Kronberg Mona                           Fire Calgary, AB      CAN                     100:09