Mountain Bike  Orienteering  Results

 Long Distance Mountain Bike Orienteering 13th July 2008

Thanks to everybody for turning out and making it a great day. And congratulations to all who rode because I think, all things considered, every team performed creditably.

The bare results tell one story but, of course, there were many others. The numerous and sometimes last minute team changes produced a tale or two. “Dateless” David Couche, on my reckoning, was potentially a member of three teams before finally joining Brian Swann and Tony Kimberlin at some time after 9.30. Chris Graves bounced back from being knocked off his bike by a car on Friday night to put in a solid four hour ride (our own Cadel Evans?). Brian “muscle contraction” Swann battled cramps for a good deal of his four hour ride but struggled manfully on to the end where a team was needed to prise him from his bike. Sue Merchant showed that she can cycle and run with a dashing performance to control 26 that kept spectators entertained. And young Aidan Francis, assisted by his Dad Jeff, took on the adults and the full four hours to post a competitive total.
It was good to see new people at the event and judging by their performances they all seem to be made of “the right (MTBO) stuff”. I hope to see you all at coming events, the next being a combined foot and bike one at Kersbrook on the 17th of August – see the SA Orienteering website for details – .

Finally, the LDMTBOTC was something of a departure from the normal MTBO format and as we have tentatively scheduled it for next year’s calendar I’d be interested in any comments you might have on the event. What was good, what was bad (apart from the wind), what you would change and all that kind of stuff.


Bruce Greenhalgh

2 Hour

Names Class/hour Points Position / Position in class
Steve Tregoweth, Peter Bertram, Jon Driscoll Open male / 2
460 1 / 1 Open Male
Jenny D’Arcy, Helen Smith, Margrit Leuenberger Open female / 2
150 2 / 1 Open female

4 Hour

Names Class/hour Points Position / Position in class
Brett Merchant, Neville George Open male / 4 980 1 / 1 Open male
Lee Merchant, Ray Deed Master male / 4
980 2 (on time)/ 1 Master male
Morgan Coul, Owen Jones, Bryan Golden Open Male / 4
850 3 / 2 Open male
Heinz Leuenberger, Simon Playfair Veteran male / 4 840 4 / 1 Veteran male
Brian Swann, Tony Kimberlin, David Couche
Master male / 4 720 5 / 2 Master male
Chris Graves, Ben Plush Open male / 4 700 6 / 3 Open male
Maarten Nieuwenhoven, Michelle Bryant Mixed / 4 600 7 / 1 Veteran? mixed
Michelle Chamalaun, Michelle Soar
Veteran Female / 4 590 8 / 1 Veteran female
Jeff Francis, Aidan Francis
Open male / 4 590 8 / 1 Veteran female
Carolyn Strong, Pat McCroha Veteran female / 4 560 10 (on time)/ 2 Veteran female
Dave Tilbrook,  John Such
Master male / 4 490 11 / 3 Master male
Deb Semple, Stuart Carter Mixed veteran / 4 480 12 / 2 Veteran mixed
Sue Merchant, Rob Hillyard Master mixed / 4 320 13 / 1 Master mixed
Alasdair McCellan, Simon Ankor, Steve Goodrich, Liv Pilla Open Mixed / 4 310 14 / 1 Open mixed