Night Orienteering Results

 Merridee Saturday 26th July 2008

The number of people who had put their names down to run this event looked promising, but nearly half of them were scared off by the horrible weather in Adelaide on Saturday.
Those who came were treated to a clear crisp night and had the choice of running in twilight or pitch black. 

Altogether, 30 people (18 entries) competed, some in their first night event ever. Time calculations by individuals have not been checked!
Thanks to Wallaringans Peter & Robyn Cutten, Fern Tomas, and George the non-orienteer, for their help in running the event!

Jenny Casanova – course planner

Short Course  2.8 km

Gerry Velaitis                                              24.00

Tyson Hillyard                                            37.57

Ian Winn                                                    41.31

Luke & Henry Hazell                                 50.00

Doug Fotheringham                                    52.54

Helen Smith                                               56min

Phil Stoeckel & Ann Nolan                        62.28

Sandra, Ruhi, Dante, Remi Afnan               78.58

Vaughan family x 5                                     99.30

Long Course  4.3 km

David Nicolson                                      33 min

Paul Hoopmann                                     33.58

Fern Tomas                                           45.50

John Soden                                           49.47

Jason Nicolson                                      52.07

Heinz Leeuenberger                               58.04

Regina Rueter, Erica & Trevor Diment 79.21

Darrin Smith                                            85.07

Shannon & Ruth Nicolson                         94.52