Mountain Bike  Orienteering  Results

 Eagle Mountain Bike Orienteering Challenge 18th May2008

We had a small group of riders risk the rainy conditions of the weekend to head up to the Eagle Mountain Bike Park for the Eagle MTB-O Challenge Promotional event. Fortunately the weather conditions eased in the afternoon which made for pleasant riding. Riders navigated their way around the tricky wet single tracks and braved the thick mud. Riders all made the steep accent to the finish where they enjoyed cakes and tea/coffee courtesy of Carolyn. Unfortunately Barry Bourne came unstuck when he tried to do a superman and landed heavily. It was great to welcome a number of new people to the event and we hope we will see them at events through the rest of the year. Thanks to the helpers Carolyn Strong, Bruce Greenhalgh, David Tilbrook and Kay Haarsma who helped on the day. Also thanks to those who helped packing up after the event.

The next event is the Cyclogaine which is a 4hr endurance team event. Look forward to seeing you there. (I can guarantee the riding conditions will be easier!) More details will be available closer to the event.

Andrew Slattery

Course 1

Brett Merchant                               49:00

Lee Merchant                                 50:15

Ian Fehler                                      56:20

William Bird                                   57:15

John Allison                                   60:14

Bruce Greenhalgh                         61:45

Heinz Leuenberger                        62:15    

Jon Gillespie                                 61:50

Shane Venning                             73:15

Morgan & Brian                          76:29

Ian Winn                                     82:15

Maarten Nieuwenhoven              84:00

James Kermond & Chris Brook   91:40

Peter Mayer                                 92:50

Dave Poole                                  105:15

Richard Facoory                          109:00

Course 2

David Tilbrook                                 71:30

Carolyn Strong                                71:50

Jack Allison                                     83:00

John Such                                       98:00

Nicole Such                                   103:00

Margrit Leuenberger                      104:05

Barry Bourne                        DNF (Injury)