Publicity Event Street O Series Results

Publicity Event 15 March 2008

The concept of a publicity event is to demonstrate our activities in a very public place, with display and publicity materials, and offering a come & try format.
This first event for the year was centred on Elder Park in the city.

Unfortunately a record hot spell for Adelaide and sustained forecast of 38C meant that this very public area ended up being very quiet, with only 18 entries.    Due to the heat, the event was non-competitive, so no times were recorded.   As well as the published timeslot of 1:30pm, the event was also offered at 8am for enthusiasts to enjoy a run before the day warmed up too much.    

Course setter Lachlan Hallett, Organiser Gerry Velaitis.


Course 1 : 2.3km

Course 2 : 3.1km
Andrew Walters +3


Course 3 : 3.8km
Simon Uppill
John Nieuwenhoven
Lauren Gillis
Susanne Casanova
Bob Smith
Carolyn Strong
Laura Bell
Vanessa Round
Bernie DeLyster
Lachlan Harris
John Such


Course 4 : 4.7km
George Reeves
Peter Kreminski
Jamie Sutherland
Harry Waterhouse
Morris Allen
Hugh Calvey