Summer Street O Series Results

 Event 4 Hawthorndene   Friday 4th January 2008
This a list of all the people who completed a course at the Hawthorndene Summer Series Event on the 4th of January. There are no times as the event was deemed non-competitive due to the hot weather.

Short Course

Zara Soden & 2 Children
Vern Hembrow
Daniel & Katie Hill
Heather Browett
Jennie Bourne
Ann Nolan
Helen Smith

Medium Course 

Bob Smith
Meredith deRoos, Lyn Meese & Julie Fiedler
Peter Kreminski
Phil Stoekel
Hugh Calvoy
Robin Uppill
Dave Nicolson
Frank Tomas
Michelle Morton & Julius Miller
Simon Uppill
Ruth Nicolson
Evelyn Colwell & Melissa Baohm


Andy Capp
Harry Waterhouse
Jeffa Lyon
George Reeves
Phil Hazell
John Lyon
Doug McMurray
Peter Mayer
Carolyn Strong
John Williams
John Nieuwenhoven
Jenny Casanova
John Soden