Combined MTBO, Foot Orienteering and Mini Rogaine

 The weather gods smiled upon Tjuringa for the running of the second ‘Tri O Tholon’ at Kuitpo forest.

 A total of 103 competitors enjoyed this different slant on Orienteering, with 2 very fit young ladies, Jenny and Lauren obtaining the highest score without the use of a bicycle.  In fact the top 4 places were pure foot scores, with Paul Hoopman being the highest scorer using wheels. Some ‘hard luck’ mechanical stories were told by Bruce g and Linda and Dean while President Mayer considered he alone should get 30 mins more than everyone else!

Many thanks to our TJ crew, Rob and Jan, Harry, Paul, Chris, Angela, John, Andy……..Brett and Sue…………and special thanks to MTBO guys who are great ambassadors to our sport, J Carolyn, Bruce and Andrew

 Point Score >>>> Indvividual/Team

992 Jenny Casanova and Lauren Gillis

968 Andy Capp

942 Nigel Dobson

934 Gerry Velaitis

930 Paul Hoopman

856 Andrew “Extreme” Slattery

832 Riordan Dose

783 Evelyn Colwell

775 Kay Haarsma

762 Robin Uppill

758 Martin and John  Nieuwenhoven

756 Peter Kreminski

755 Team Diment

750 Doug McMurray

706 Adrian Uppill

704 George Reeves

690 Bruce ‘chainbreak’ Greenhalgh

686 Harold Waterhouse

680 John Williams

676 Sue and Peter Milnes

649 Randell and Abbey Taylor

642 Angie Potter

634 Claire Davill and Ken Clarke

622 Simon Playfair and Cougar

602 Jessica Swart and Dani Schaffner

598 Dave Tilbrook

596 Carolyn ‘nice buns’ Strong

592 Tony Ekkles and Dave Lin

590 Jan and Trevor Tregenza

584 John Armstrong Allison

576 Carol Such

554 Shane Verrun

548 Jack Allison

546 Hugh Calvey

544 Christian O’Dwyer

538 Ruth and Shannon Nicolson, and Laura Bell

533 Geoff and Rosalie Bennett

510 Jim Mclean and John Parton

504 Simon Pettman

490 Kathy & Cambell & Darius

480 Ron Larson

453 Anthony Talbot

438 Sue Bament

435 Trevor and Erica Diment

432 Jo Martin and Helen Smith

432 Peter Mayer

420 Pamela and Mark

420 Garry Harris

409 Stuart Lane

400 Ali Roush, Anne Frodsham, Fiona McInnes

395 Dennis Kingisepp, Les Cockesley, Greg Lloyd

394 Kate Welford

392 Maggie Savage

382 Ben Haigh

376 KEA happy Campers

321 Brianna and Chris Maddock

320 Jan Hillyard

315 Robyn Dose

272 Ben and Toby C

235 Lorraine ,Tammy, Cade, Jorja ,Ayla, Derrin, Britt

177 Fiona Morcom and her boys

170 Cheryl Bevelander and girls

176 Belinda Harris

-9 Linda and Dean (bike probs)