Mountain Bike Orienteering South Australian
Eagle Mountain Park  MTBO ResultsMTBO Championships

 13 March 2009

Organisers – Andrew Slattery, Carolyn Strong, Bruce Greenhalgh
Course setter – Bruce Greenhalgh

What better way to spend a balmy Adelaide autumn evening than by getting hot and bothered riding your mountain bike on steep, rocky trails with the possibility of getting lost as night descends? 22 intrepid MTBOers thought so and attended the first ever twilight MTBO in SA at Eagle Mountain Bike Park. All completed their courses successfully, a fact made notable by nearly half the entry being new to the sport. Indeed, debutant Wayne Ward was fastest over course 2. Experience won out over course 1 however, with Lee Merchant taking the honours in a tight finish.

It was great to see the new faces and it is hoped that, having conquered possibly SA MTBO’s toughest venue, they will be back for more.

The next event is another twilight meet at O’Halloran Hill on Friday 27/3/09.

My thanks to Andrew, Carolyn and Heinz for their assistance.

Bruce Greenhalgh

Course 2 
1 – Wayne Ward – 29.05
2 – Craig Colwell – 35.53
3 – Farley Wright - 36.19
4 – Craig Reynolds – 39.24
5 – David Tilbrook – 40.34
6 – John Such – 49.25
7 – Morris Allen – 49.31
8 – Julia Dowling / Linda Kyritsis

 Course 1
1 – Lee Merchant – 34.08
2 – Steve Sullivan – 36.00
3 – Heinz Leuenberger – 36.59
4 – John Allison – 39.00
5 – Andrew Slattery – 43.36
6 – Jack Allison – 45.50
7 – John Soden – 55.10
8 – Peter Mayer – 58.15
9 – Aaron Young – 64.30
10 – Nick Andrews – 65.20
11 David Poole – 73.05
12 Maarten Nieuwenhoven – 77.05
13 Kath Buchanan – 78.41

Bits and Pieces

Adrian Uppill was out and about at Eagle in his running gear but not because he’d confused the event as being a foot ‘O’. Adrian is mapping Fox Creek for this year’s state champs and was getting a feel for MTBO maps and, in particular, the track gradings. It all bodes well for an accurate map and a great championship.

I noted a bit of confusion about where you can and can’t ride during an MTBO. To set everyone straight, you can ride on any track that is marked on the map (unless there is a special instruction preventing a track’s use) and in yellow (open ground) areas. This includes areas that are hatched yellow (open with some trees). All other areas are out of bounds.

With so many newcomers, or relative newcomers at Eagle there were a good number of questions about map boards. Here is an article on them I wrote for the SA Orienteer newsletter last year. I hope it answers some of the questions.

Entry forms for the Long Distance MTBO Teams Challenge (LDMTBOTC) were available at Eagle, should be on the internet soon.